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Native Agate Bear Ceramic Bead Fetish Necklace

Item #214040
Design Description: Agate Bear Ceramic Bead Necklace

 Description:  Native artisan agate stone bear pendant on a stone bear, stone bead and ceramic bead fetish necklace. The large bear pendant is carved from a solid piece of rust agate stone with thick white and thin black veins and it's linked to a small white stone which is linked to a rust agate bead in the shape of a cross. The necklace chain has alternating linked agate cross beads, small rust stone bear fetishes, and red and orange star shaped ceramic beads, all with with deep rust and light stone round bead spacers. All beads are individually linked by hand on copper wire with a copper toggle clasp.

Shown double in first picture

 Size:  29: with 3" drop

 Condition:  Ecellent