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Designer Quick Reference Guide

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(A Work in Progress)

Accessocraft - c.1930-1998
Amourelle - 1960's. Designed for Kramer by Frank Hess
Art - c.1950-1980. Produced by Art Mode Jewelry Creations.  
Avon - 1886-present. Began producing jewelry in 1971. 
Bade, Otto R - 1958-1981. Worked for Rebajes from 1941-1958. Mark is 'Orb' in script.
Barclay - 1946-late 1950's. Mark is 'Barclay' in script. Not to be confused with McClelland Barclay. Began as New England Glass Works, then became Rice Weiner and split off into Barclay Jewelry inc in 1946.  
Barclay, McClelland - 1937-1943. Mark is 'McClelland Barclay' or 'Barclay' in stylized block letters. McClelland Barclay was made by Rice-Weiner. Not to be confused with script Barclay mark. Known for sterling silver design and gold washed Art Deco designs. 
Barkin, Gret - 1940's-late 1990's know for abstract copper designs. 
Bauer, Dorothy - 1982-present
Beatrix - Known for Christmas jewelry.
Beau, Beaucraft - 1947-2004. Made both fine Sterling and 14kt gold jewelry
Bell Trading Post - 1932-late 1980's. Known more for copper jewelry, they also made jewelry in sterling.
Bengel, Jakob - 1873 to present. Most widely know for 1930's German Art Deco galalith and chrome jewelry. .
Blumenthal, B.- Famous button manufacturer, only made jewelry for a few years, probably late 1950's based on designs and materials.
Bogoff - 1949-1970's.Began by Henry Bogoff, features elegant rhinestone designs. 
Boucher, Marcel - 1937-early 1970's. Earlier mark (1937-1949) is a stylized 'MB' beneath a Phrygian cap, also used 'Boucher', 'Marboux', 'Parisina'.  
BSK- later 1940's - early 1970's
Carl-Art - 1937-late 1980's. Sterling and gold filled jewelry
Canegie, Hattie - 1900's - 1970's. Began as a hat designer then deisgned her own jewelry to compliment her hats. Worn by movie stars such as Joan Crawford, designs include whimsical figurals and glamorous glitz in the 1940's and 1950's.
Carolee - 1972 to present. Jewelry known for simulated gemstones and pearls.
Castlecliff - 1937 - 1977. Company name was Castlemark prodcing jewelry under the name Castlecliff in the mid 1940's. Owned by Lucien Piccard since 1980.
Cathé - 1961 - present. Known for rhinestone and aurora borelais jewelry from the 1950's & 1960's.
Caviness, Alice - 1940's - 2000. Known for unsual and creative designs and use of color. 
Chanel - 1914-1939, 1954-present
Chanel Novelty - 1941. Marked 'Chanel' in script, unrelated to Coco Chanel. Made by Reinad in spring of 1941, name dropped due to objections from Chanel compnay. Known for large enameled pot metal figurals and period copies of other designs. 
Charel Jewelry Co - 1945 - ?
Ciner - 1892 - present. Known for fashionable costume jewelry that imitafe fine jewelry, their logo was "The Tiffany of Costume Jewelry". 
Cini - 1922-1979, 1993-present. Sterling, known for highly collectible Zodiac series. 
Claudette - 1945 - ? Mark for Premier Jewelry Co Inc.
Coro - 1900-1979. Cohn & Rosenberger. Made jewelry using many marks, most commonly Coro & Corocraft and Vendome, see below.
Coventry, Sarah - 1949-1984, 2000-? Jewelry sold through home parties
DeLizza & Elster- 1947-1990's. Founded by designer William De Lizza and Harold Elster faround 1947 with William’s sons, Frank and Anthony joining around 1948. The company made beautiful rhinestone buckles, buttons and jewelr. They became a major costume jewelry manufacturer, and by 1953, produced their own costume jewelry, unmarked, with multi-color and multi-layer designs. In 1967, the company identified their pieces for the direct sales market with a hand tag "Juliana". But the name tag was only used by the company for 2 years, otherwise the jewelry was not marked. DeLizza and Elster made jewelry for many other companies including Weiss, Alice Caviness, Celebrity, Hobe, Hattie Carnegie, Kenneth J. Lane, Karu, and Kramer. 
DeMario - 1945-1965. Founded by Robert De Mario in New York City in 1945 after working for Miriam Haskell. Known for beautiful beaded designs woth glass beads and Austrian crystals. 
DeLillo - 1967-1976. Began by William DeLillo and former Haskell designer Robert Clark, highly sought after and known for bold designs.
strong>DeNicola - 1950's-1970's.
De Rosa - 1934-1970. Ralph De Rosa founded the company which marketed designs for Schiaparelli and manufactured limited production of their own jewelry lines. Known for sterling (WWII years) and plated large and interesting floral designs with glass stones and simulated pearls. De Rosa jewelry is relatively rare, and their broidge jewrlry using semi-precious stone even rarer.
Diamondbar -
1907-1931. The Wachenheimer Brothers Company of Providence, RI specializing in bracelets and bangles
Eisenberg - 1914 - present. Originally a dress manufacturer with jeweled accrues pinned or clipped to their fashions. The jewelry became as popular as the fashions and by the 1930's the company began producing high quality jewelry using the best Austrian stones to be sold separately from the clothing. Earlier pieces highly prized. 

Eisenberg marks and approximate dates:

Eisenberg Original: 1935-1945

Eisenberg script E: 1942-1945

Eisenberg Sterling: 1943-1948 (WWII years)

EISENBERG block letters: 1945-1958

EISENBERG©: used after 1955- (much of Eisenberg in the 60''s and 70's was unsigned)

EISENBERG Ice©: 1970-present

Engel Brothers - 1930's-1960's. Marked 'EB', primarily known for Art Deco design and some Retro designs into the 1940's.
Eugene - 1950-1960. Made by Eugene Schultz, former Miriam Haskell designer, designs similar to Haskell's, with glass beads and simulated pearls.
Fenichel - 1925-1950's. Began by Louis Fenichel as Fenichel Novelty Company in 1925. Rare, and known for exceptional rhinestone designs in the earlier years and then hand painted figurals during the war years.
Garné - 1945-early 1960's. Small company based in NY with limited distribution, hard to find name. Known for rhinestone jewelry, wide range of styles.
Jonette Jewelry (J.J.) 1937-2006. First know as Lisker & Lisker until after WWII when name was changed to Jonette Jewelry in 1944. Marked 'J.J.©' after 1970. Known for whimsical and novelty designs. Closed in 2006. 
Little Nemo (LN or LN/25). 1913-1970's. Mark for Brier Manufascturing, RI.  Known for pot metal and rhinestone or glass set brooches and dress clips, mostly from the 1930's-1940's.