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DeLizza & Elster Ear Wrap Chignon Earrings

Item #1111687
Design Description: Delizza & ElsterEar Wrap Earrings c. 1952

 Description:  DeLizza and Elster Juliana ear wrap chignon earrings; advertised around 1952 and meant to be worn wrapped behind the ear. The large bottom piece is a combination of clear baguette, square and round rhinestones and meant to cover the lobe and crawl half way up the outer ear. The wire is then fitted behind the ear and the top dangle hangs down the front of the ear from the top. Attributed DeLizza & Elster aka Juliana.

 Size:  2" x 3/4" (bottom piece) with 1" dangle

 Condition:  Very good, some baguettes slightly dark around edges

 Price: $58.00