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Rodi & Wieneberger German Snake Bracelet

Item #1057163
Design Description: Rodi & Wienenberger Snake Bracelet c. 19225

 Description:  Signed Art Deco period Rodi & Wienenberger snake bracelet, desirable gold plated mesh snake coil bracelet made by Rodi & Weinenberger, a Pforzheim Germany company making double' (gold plated) designs in the 1920's & 1930's. The long body is gold plated rigid mesh with solid tail and head, the top of snake's head set with a blue glass sapphire oval cabochon. Marked with R & W in triangle, marked for Rodi & Wienenberger on the bottom of the bead and 'Double' underneath the neck.

 Size:  9 1/2" end-to-end x 1/4" dia., fits approx 7" wrist but can be made smaller or larger

 Condition:  Very good, some wear to plating, slightly out of round

 Price: $155.00